The Mako. 114" wingspan, designed by Ben Clerx. I made the wings which are constructed from carbon fiber. A really nice flying plane right up until I took it on a high speed dive.

My friend Kai and I built Contenders designed by Charlie Richardson. Kai got the third revision of carbon fiber wings and they really turned out looking great with Eddie Van Halen signature paint scheme. Picture taken in Lompoc California.

To the left is my dad with his Coyote. Note: For all you old time VAX/VMS enthusiasts his hat. Below is the Raider designed by Charlie Richarson. Taking the sucess of the Van Halen scheme on the Contender I did a Silver, White and Black replica.

To the left is my friend Danny. These are for the days when there is no wind. After fitting the OS32FSR with a 3.5 Mac tune pipe, raising the exhaust port, bigger displacement and opening the crank timing, the motors were well into the 19,000 rpm range. Big jump compared to stock.

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