Rich Deeming
Cell: 303-921-6277
Desired Job Location Radius: Colorado Front Range

Objective: Continued involvement with Tier 1 Storage, Systems Integration, Administration and Software Development.

Diverse career experience with computer technology including Tier 1 Storage, Software Engineering, Systems Integration, Administration and Networking.

Skills: - Storage/File Systems: EMC VMAX & DMX, Hitachi USP-V, Oracle ZFS 7000 appliance, Network Appliance. Veritas, ext3/4, LVM, multipath.
- Operating Systems: UNIX: VMware ESX, RedHat 4-6, Fedora 4-19, Solaris 8-11, Irix, AIX, HP-UX, SCO, MS Windows, Open VMS
- SAN: Brocade, McData, Emulex, Qlogic
- Software Development: Firmware, C, C++, PHP, Java, Java Script, HTML, CSS, SQL, Perl, Shell
- Network & IPC software Development both Linux and Windows
- Fibre Channel Switch Embedded Systems Development
- Fibre Channel Open Systems Integration with EMC, Hitachi, HP, Clarion, IBM, and other enterprise class storage arrays.
- Internet application Administration and Development: Web servers, CGI, HTML, Java Script & PHP, Open Source
- Database Administration: Oracle, MySQL, Informix, Sybase
- Asterisk PBX VoIP System: FreePBX system using Digium and Polycom Hardware.
Nov. 2011 - Present    
Storage Administration: EMC VMAX, Hitachi USP-V/AMS, NetAPP
Details:- Tier1 storage migration from Hitachi USP-V to EMC VMAX
- Linux and Solaris systems administration
Nov. 2010 - Nov 2011    
Hardware Developer: Sun ZFS 7000 Storage Appliances, 6000 Blade Center
Details:- Manage multiple test engineering labs
- Install and configure Sun ZFS Storage Appliance and Client test environments
- Manage the labs 1500+ 7000 Storage Systems, Clients, and Switch infrastructure
- Scripting using expect, bash, perl, MySQL and Perl
- Completed Oracle Sun 7000 Storage Class
- Contribute to internal Wiki documentation
Mar. 2010 - Nov. 2010
Contractor, Unix Systems Admin: Linux ESX VMware, Flex10, Brocade Switch and HBA implementation in HP Blade Centers, vCenter, vMotion, Lab Center, RedHat 4/5, Oracle DBA and Web application systems support. EMC Symmetrix DMX, Hitachi USP-V, Network Appliance. Veritas, ext3/4, LVM, multipath.
Details:- 559 Hosts monitored and managed using Xymon
- Linux RedHat 5.5 VMware Systems: Built 20+ Linux Virtual Systems
- Linux RedHat 5.5 HP Blades with Emulex and Brocade HBAs: Built 20+ Linux Physical Blade Servers.
- Network Appliance FAS2050: Installed and updated ONTAP 7.3.2 for DMZ network.
- Solaris 10: Built 2 LDAP Sun One Directory Servers T5120 systems.
- Solaris 10 Zones: Built 7 zones on M5000 series systems, veritas VXFS file systems
- Linux RedHat Kickstart Server: Refined kickstart processes
- EMC DMX Symmetrix, ECC for SAN disk allocation and mapping
- 115TB Hitachi USP-V, Device Manager and Storage Navigator for SAN disk allocation and mapping
- 50TB FAS3070 Network Appliance for NAS and SAN attached disk allocation and mapping
- Brocade DCFM Enterprise for Multi Fabric SAN Management
- Added multiple VMware 3.5 Hosts to VM Cluster
- Flex10 module implementation into HP Blade Center for Linux systems
- Script created to quicky map multiple NetApp LUNs to all hosts in a ESX cluster.
- Contributed to internal Unix Wiki documentation.
Apr. 2007 - Mar. 2010
Summary: Contractor Linux Sys Admin, Oracle DBA, VoIP Asterisk, MySQL, Deploy Open Source Apps. Software Development, build support for in house Java/Strus Application.
Details:- Firewall: Implement/manage iptables firewall server.
- Oracle: Implement/manage Oracle 9i,10g & 11g databases.
- MySQL: Implement/manage master MySQL DB for Open Source Applications.
- SVN/Trac: Implement/manage SubVersion and Trac Open Source Application.
- OpenLDAP: Implement/manage master user authentication system.
- OpenVPN: Implement/manage secure VPN solutions for Win XP/Vista, and Mac.
- Apache/Tomcat/PHP: Implement/manage web servers.
- DNS/DHCP/NTP/VSFTP: Implement/manage DNS,DHCP,NTP,VSFTP servers.
- Postfix/Dovecot/Squirrel Mail: Implement/manage SMTP,IMAP,Web email server.
- Zimbra: Implement/manage Zimbra email server running on Fedora.
- Samba: Implement/manage Samba PDC autenticating through LDAP server.
- SugarCRM: Implement/manage Sugar an Open Source CRM software package.
- TimeSheet: Implement/manage TimeSheet to track employee hrs.
- OpenSSL: Implement/manage protocols to use self signed secure certs.
- Asterisk: Implement/manage VoIP system.
- System Backup: Implement/manage current Open Source Bacula backup software.
- Oracle Backup: Implement/manage backups of all Oracle database servers.
- Linux Systems: Implement/manage FC 5-12,Redhat,SuSE,CentOS,ClarkC,Ubuntu.
- Virtual Linux Systems: Xen FC8, KVM FC11
- VMware: Workstation
- Windows: XP/Vista desktop support
- Windows Server 2003: Implement/manage SAP Busness Objects Edge
Nov. 1997 - Feb. 2007
Sr. Embedded Software Engineer Apr 2005
Embedded Software Engineer 2001
Sr. UNIX Systems Administrator Mar 1999
Sr. Systems Integration Engineer May 1998
UNIX and NT Systems Administrator Nov 1997
Embedded Software Development Summary: Primary developer and support engineer dealing with the specifics of McDATA's trademark HotCAT non disruptive firmware upgrade/downgrade technology. Continued development and support engineer for McDATA's trademark Open Trunking, load balancing, feature.

Sr. UNIX Systems Administrator: Manage Hitachi and EMC Storage, FC SAN Switched Network, Administration support Oracle, SAP, Sun Server, Veritas implementation. Support 20 user SunRay Server, 30 Sun Workstations, 20 HP-UX Workstations. Implement CheckPoint Firewall solution, primary incoming email server administration.

Sr. Systems Integration Engineer: Design, Build, Integrate, and Teach Open Systems Fibre Channels Solutions.

Aug. 1997 - Oct. 1997   Startup Develpment
Summary: Redundant web commerce interface framework solution. NT, TCP/IP WinSock, Named Pipe, Multithreading, Distributed Computing, C++, CGI, Linux and MySQL
Dec. 1996 - Aug. 1997
Software Engineer
Summary: Internet home banking solutions. TCP/IP client/server socket communications
Feb. 1996 - Dec. 1996
Software Engineer
Summary: Barcode scanner software. DEC/VAX VMS
1988-1996   L.A Daily News
Software Engineer VMS & UNIX System Administration
Education: Degree in Computer Business Information

Home Servers: iptables FW, Apache webserver hosting, Postfix, Dovecot, email, VMware, samba, NFS, LDAP, Gallery2, WordPress.


Home Media network is all built around Linux.

Sprinkler Control System:

Spare home software development time is spent coding and refining an automated sprinkler control system running on Linux. Hopefully turn this project over to the Open Source Community.

Road Racing:

RC Sailplains:

RC Sailplains

1989 4 cyl Volvo Wagon, 500hp:

Project car. DIY Built ECU (MegaSquirt), 16v head swap, Flex Fuel.