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"10% of all elk hunters
kill 90% of the elk!"

The rest go home with excuses and talk about "next year". 

How about YOU?

Do you want the TRUTH about Colorado Elk Hunting?

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6 Point Bull
My name is Jim Deeming

  For more than 25 years I've been making tracks all over Colorado elk country.   
 I've not only planned dozens of Do-It-Yourself hunts for me and my friends,

I've worked as a professional guide

on horseback, on foot,
by archery, rifle or smokepole,
for elk and mule deer.

I've seen the difference between hunts that are
wildly successful and the ones that are
pure train wrecks!
And with no punches pulled, I'll tell you about BOTH!

Available for download now! 


Jim - Not quitting a spot too soon was the key to this season. Thanks for the advice. Danny C


You can have the book in your hands today! 







Hello Jim,

I know you're busy at this time of year, so I'll make it short.

Your book is excellent.  It is better than anything by Zumbo, or Wixom, or any others that I have read.  I'm not just trying to be ingratiating, I mean it.

Your methodical approach appeals to the combat arms leader in me.  I am really enjoying it.


John R Sweet,  1LT
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Colorado National Guard


Available for download
Now!  Click here!




Jim - I'll tell you the trip went 10 times better than I could have expected! My father got a nice 5x4 and I got a fat cow. We were cutting elk for 2 weeks afterward! Thanks for all the help with elk knowledge for a greenhorn like me. -Wyatt M

I've written an eBook called

Do-It-Yourself Elk Hunting

Inside, you'll find tips and tricks to help you plan and execute
a successful DIY Elk Hunt - on Public Land.

Here are some of the things you'll learn:

Strategies - where to go, and how to drill
down to where the elk are -

all from looking at maps!

Seven specific terrain features that not only
help you locate elk,
they dictate your hunting routine every day.

Daily tactics and plans you put in place
before you ever set foot in the woods.

Specific still and stand-hunting tactics,
and how to use them.

Bugling tactics you won't read anywhere else
for dealing with today's
pressured bulls.

And that's not all. 

How's this for getting down to brass tacks?

See that 6-point rack on top of my camper,
pictured above?

Let me tell you a little secret.

That bull was taken opening morning of first rifle season -
on public land!

And here's the real kicker-

within one square mile, four other legal bulls were taken
that same day!

How would you like to see a
detailed breakdown of that area, and the features that
make it such an elk-hunting
gold mine?

In fact, I've even included the GPS coordinates
of the kill site!  It's in the book.  It's for real.

No, I don't expect you to go hunting right there
next season.

But this is not a book with made-up, hand-drawn, fake maps.

You're going to get the real deal. 

  • What Works
  • Where
  • Why


I'm also going to tell you:

  • Seven Mistakes A Successful Elk Hunter Must Avoid
  • Seven Things A Successful Hunter Does Right
  • How to layer your hunt with backup strategies

And, I'm throwing in Three
Free Bonus Reports:

Free Bonus Report #1
Blood Trail - Information on shot placement, shot followup,  and tracking a blood trail.

Free Bonus Report #2
After The Kill - Why I've never had a bad or gamey elk yet, and what you can do in the first few minutes to make sure
your elk gets home tasting great!

Free Bonus Report #3
Gear and Accessories - After almost 25 years of trudging up
and down elk mountains, I've created the must-have list
to carry in your day pack, what should stay at camp,
and what you don't need to waste your money on.






How I Wrote This Book

One of a guide's important jobs is to send
his clients out each day
with the best
information they can have,
a specific day plan,
and a positive attitude.

I wrote this book as if you and I were having a conversation,
planning a hunt together.

We will walk through the entire hunt plan together,
from the high-level strategy
all the way down to
the detailed plan of  what you'll be doing
for each part
of every day in the field.

But this guide's information isn't going to cost you $5,000, or $7,000 and up like some outfits charge.

I've put it all in one package,
available for you to download and read right now -

for less than half the price of
a tank of gas!

That's right. 

I'm giving you the whole thing for only $29.95,
including the free bonus reports
and detailed maps.

And because it's an eBook, you'll have the information in your hands right away, to use for your hunt this season!

This is Tom Garries and his Dad, from Indiana.  Tom was the first person to to order 

Do It Yourself Elk Hunting
after it's initial release. 

Armed with that information, Tom and his Dad set out on their first elk hunt ever, on public land they had never seen before.

You're looking at the results!

Afterwards. Tom wrote us back and said,

"70 degrees wasn't what we were hoping for... too hot... no bugles at all... We hunted an area like you said and called in this nice 5x3...  Dad and I had a wonderful week.  Thanks for the tips.  Not bad for an over the counter area and first time elk hunter."     


Not bad?  Tom, that's fantastic!  Congratulations!

If you'd like to hit the woods with
the same advantage
that helped Tom bag his first bull,
you can get it now by

clicking HERE.

Download the eBook and get ready for the
best elk season you've had yet!





Hey Jim -

Didn't get much email from you this summer but I still give you credit for helping me get my first elk. He came in bugling and growling and I saw him at 60 yards. I drew and he walked right at me and stopped at 15 yards facing me. He stared me down for 30 seconds then saw my partner about 40 yards to my right and either got wind or didn't like what he saw and spun and ran in the direction he came from. Dave bugled and he stopped at 30 yards. I shot a little low but got the heart and liver he went 100 yards.

Thanks for your book

Mark M

"If only I had known this stuff before..."

I was proud of Tim that October morning.  He was one of three clients assigned to me and he listened well.

I led my hunters out in the dark and got them in place before sunup. 

By 8 o'clock I was high above them, stretching out for a nap on a nice sun-bathed rock. 
(I'd been up 'til midnight skinning deer and elk the night before.  Guides learn to sleep whenever they can!)

Each of the three hunters had specific instructions.  Apparently Tim listened better than the other two.

I was just starting to doze off on my warm rock at 8:15 when...


Tim knocked over a real nice 5X5 with one well-placed round from his 30-06. 

He and I were both on Cloud Nine as we field dressed it together and he told me in detail how the shot came about.  He finished by saying,

"You know, I tried to hunt on my own for years.  I finally got tired of getting skunked and booked a guided hunt.  What you told me to do this morning isn't really complicated, and it makes a whole lot of sense.  And obviously it works! 

If only I had known this stuff before, I'd have a lot more racks on the wall.

 Why didn't I learn this in all those magazines I've read?"

Good question.  And it's one I'm going to answer for you.

  Let me send you a Free Newsletter

 with no-nonsense tips, tricks, and timely updates you can USE on your next

Do-It-Yourself Elk Hunting Trip. 

Just to kick things off, I'll send you a series of ten articles called,

"Ten Things That Can Make Or Break Your Elk Hunt"


Your email address will not be given or sold to anyone for any reason.


Dear Jim,

Congrats on the new book edition. I have read and reread your book many times. I live in Ca. and have to teach my self to hunt on my own. That's where your book came in. I myself found elk on a map!!

I made the 1000 mile drive to Colorado hiked up that snow covered mountain, went right where the map told me to go (your book explained what this means) and there they were. There was about 75 elk on that spot. It was amazing, it's like I knew what I was doing or something.

Every time I reread your book I get a new tid bit of info that makes my elk hunt a little better.

Best of luck,

Rich P


Let's face it -


And maybe you're one of those guys who either can't - or WON'T -
pay a guide $3,000, $5,000 -OR MORE - to lead you around on private property so you can get a shot at 

"Mr. Wapiti"

And I don't know about you, but the idea of paying $500 to $1,000  for a so-called "trespass fee"
sure makes hunting public land look good - if it works.

My eBook,

"Do-It-Yourself Elk Hunting"

  is loaded with


that will save you time, money, and help you move into that elite group

The 10% of Hunters Who Kill 90% Of The Elk

without shelling out thousands of dollars for guides, outfitters, and
"trespass fees".

 My book will teach you
  • How To Hunt Public Land
  • How To Save Truckloads of Money
  • How To Save Valuable Hunting Time
  • How To Avoid Trip-killer Mistakes
  • How To Supercharge Your Chances of Success

I'm even going to tell you how to
before you ever set foot in the woods!
The Fifth Edition of the book is ready.  And you can have it in time for
your 2013 Elk Hunting Trip

You can have this book in your hands today. 
Click Here To Get It Now!


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This is my hunting partner, Troy.  He killed the buck the first day we hunted last season, and took the 6X5 bull two days later.

Talk about gettin' it done!




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